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Vision Control Film®

control the view 

without compromising
your design

Vision control film, formally known as ‘Lumisty’ is simply, remarkable.  


Vision control film helps architects, planners and designers solve viewing and privacy issues without undermining the integrity of their creative vision.

As the viewing angle changes, so does the transparency of the glass - transitioning by degrees from completely clear to frosted, or vice versa.


Now it is no longer necessary to install unsightly louvres, screens or shutters etc. Vision Control can provide a higher level of privacy and allows more natural light with minimum impact on building aesthetics.


Vision control film optimises the value of a room with a view with subtle but extraordinary privacy.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Tested at VCAT and approved. #1.

  • Frosted/privacy effect works ‘both ways’.
    For example – if you can’t look downwards, others can’t look upwards.

  • Approx’ 88% light transmission.

  • 4 types to choose from which enable restricted vision:
    left, right, downwards, upwards, and straight ahead.

  • When the ‘viewing angle’ is frosted the privacy is close to 100% - superior to the standard 75/25% over-looking standard.

  • When the viewing angle is ‘clear’, the film becomes virtually clear so one can enjoy an obstructed view.

  • Immediate assessment of it's effectiveness for an application – simply hold a sample against the glass and review.


  • Generally complies with Council overlooking compliance requirements ( STCA ). #1.

  • Block vision of an unsightly neighbouring building or sight.

  • Glass stair balustrades where modesty is required whilst maintaining the clear glass look.

  • ‘Wow Factor for retail displays.

  • External glass balustrades on balconies.

  • Meeting Room privacy screening whereby direct viewing into a room is restricted but ‘angled views’ in and out of the room is possible.

  • Any commercial or residential application that requires an ‘open’ feeling but requires some level of privacy.

  • ‘Special rooms with special views’ that you just do not wish to block with screening or louvres etc.

Above video shows all four vision control film options

25 floors of bathroom windows at 35 Spring Street Melbourne

Photo's of W-0055 applied to BOTH panes next to fire place
(Restricted view to LHS)

#1. Each property and window view is unique. Some councils require an application to review Vision Control use for town planning purposes.

Technical Overview

Roll Width – 1250 mm

Effect can be flipped depending on application direction

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